Tuff-Kote Engine Treatment is a High-Tech Dry-Film Lubricant that dramatically reduces friction in your automobile engine. Tuff-Kote is a metal treatment - not an oil treatment. Tuff-Kote remains in your engine after your oil has been changed. Starting a cold engine causes more wear than at any other time in your engine' s life. This is caused by the draining of the engine oil to the crank case. The Techtralube formula is an unequaled process of space-age technology. The Techtralube formula first cleans all engine parts and then impregnates your engine's moving parts. It then forms a micro-thin coat of "Techtralube," that virtually eliminates friction. All of this means a smoother, quieter running engine with more power and less fuel consumption. Less friction means less wear, lower maintenance, and longer engine life! It Gives New Life To Older Engines! !
Longer Engine Life
Increased Fuel Efficiency
Reduce Emissions
Increased Performance
Smoother Running Engine